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 How It Works  
The Grace Method® Online Curriculum
100% ONLINE Training Coming Soon
  • A Certification from The Most Comprehensive Hypnotherapy School in as little as 6 - 24 months.
  • Online education, from the comfort of your home.
  • Our unique marketing and business tactics intended to help you not only survive, but thrive!
  • Tools that enable you to reach new heights by destroying limiting beliefs.
Want to make a BIG difference – 
as your life gets more awesome, too?
An in-depth education in hypnotherapy, 
combined with extensive hands-on training with business fundamentals – 
will make you the confident professional that growing numbers of people hire…
and rave about to their friends! 
Now more than ever, people are looking for effective, lasting ways to make their lives better
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2012 National Health Interview Survey: 
  • Roughly 59 million Americans had at least one out-of pocket expenditure related to a complementary health approach
  • ​Americans spent $14.7 billion out-of-pocket on visits to complementary practitioners. 
Pretty incredible, right? Now let’s talk about what all this has to do with hypnotherapy…AND YOU
YOU Are reading this because you care.
You are here to help people make positive, lasting changes in their:
Health | Relationships | Careers | Families | Communities

You know that transformation is possible – you’ve experienced it personally. 

Maybe you are a healer or have a wellness business already...


Maybe you have a 9-5 and find yourself day dreaming more
purpose, time-freedom and financial freedom!

One thing’s for sure: you want to be a part of the solution in this world…
you are called to make things better – for yourself, and for others. 

Ready for some wonderful news?
Hypnotherapy is THE powerful tool 
TO HELP YOU do this!
Hypnotherapy a powerful way of helping people get into a relaxed, receptive state, so they process information differently. 

Relaxation enables us to make powerful choices about what we want for our lives. Hypnotherapy is simply a method for helping people get to that state. 

As a Certified Grace Space Hypnotherapist, you will have the training, skill, and experience to confidently make a real difference in other people’s lives…
as you build a business and a life you love, too! 
Meet our Founder, 
Grace Smith
Hi! I’m Grace–professional hypnotherapist, entrepreneur, new mama to Patrick and proud founder of Grace Space Hypnotherapy School. Many people refer to me as one of the top hypnotherapists online, and other professional hypnotherapists invest thousands of dollars to study with me.

More importantly, I’m on a mission to bring hypnotherapy into the mainstream, like yoga or meditation. Because it’s high time more people knew about this powerful tool to shift something ‘under the surface’ in your subconscious mind, so that – finally – lasting, positive change can happen. 

Best of all, I’m here to help professional hypnotherapists improve their own lives as they make a real difference in the lives of other people. Over the last 6 years, my hypnotherapy business gave me the freedom to quit my day job… the spaciousness for my husband and me to travel and live all over the world… and the flexibility to walk my dogs and snuggle baby Patrick when the mood strikes! (It’s the small moments like this that light me up the most…) 

That’s why at Grace Space Hypnotherapy School. we also teach the business of hypnotherapy: We want our graduates to have lives that are every bit as healthy, whole, and prosperous as their clients!
Everything you need to become a confident, effective, well-paid hypnotherapist with a waiting list!
Grace Space Hypnotherapy School goes far beyond basic hypnotherapy training and certification. 

As hypnotherapy becomes increasingly mainstream, people will look to put their trust in hypnotherapists who are confident, well-trained, and have done more than the minimum requirements. 

Our certification brings together world-class online curriculum, real time practice sessions, two in-person weekend class sessions with your cohort, and more than 250+ hours of coursework, all for one goal: to help you become among the most confident, sought after, and professional certified hypnotherapists in the world. 
You’re about to start a hypnotherapy business  

You’ve had a big shift in your own life due to hypnosis. You want to ‘go deep’ and learn everything you can about hypnotherapy, so that you can make a difference in other people’s lives. Maybe your day job isn’t fulfilling you on a soul level, and you want to make a difference in other people’s lives every day. While that feels a bit wild to admit, it’s the truth and you’re going to follow that little voice instead you... 

You want to add hypnotherapy to your coaching/therapy/healing practice
You’re a professional who works with clients. Maybe you’re a healer. Maybe you’re a nurse. You’ve had a powerful personal experience with hypnosis. You want to learn how to confidently and effectively use hypnotherapy for any issue a client brings to you.
You want to grow your existing hypnotherapy practice
You’ve taken hypnotherapy trainings before but something was lacking. Maybe you’ve begun working with hypnotherapy clients here and there, but could use help in growing your clientele. You want more confidence, skill and a step-by-step plan for the exact steps you need to take to get more clients, raise your rates, and grow your business!
250+ Hours of World-Class Hypnotherapy Education training
Our training includes a comprehensive review of the history, myths, science and ethical issues related to the practice of hypnosis. With this foundation, we move into foundational and advanced practices in hypnotherapy, which will prepare you to confidently address a range of subconscious client issues. The training is delivered via a virtual classroom platform that includes video lessons, handouts, worksheets, review questions, homework assignments, quizzes, a place to ask questions and get answers directly from your instructor, as well as recommended resources.
24-Module Online School With 2 In-Person Live Trainings.
Our training blends distance learning with real time practice sessions and two in-person weekend class sessions, giving you a competitive edge over practitioners who got certified over the internet in a quick weekend or weeklong course. Hypnotherapy is becoming more regulated, and shorter courses will fall short of what’s required to practice hypnotherapy legally. What’s more, we are committed to our graduates being the most confident, effective, and prosperous hypnotherapy professionals in the world. That requires more than an online course or a quick 7-day course.
Grow confidence through hands-on practice
Unlike shorter hypnosis trainings, our training is designed to build confidence by giving you more real time practice sessions than you’ll find in any other course. During our in-person intensive, our students complete a minimum of 20 hours of practice sessions under the supervision of founder Grace Smith, with real time feedback that will help you improve steadily over time. The more practice you have with us, the more prepared you’ll be to help whoever comes to you for a session in your professional practice. 
Colleagues and Support
While exciting and fulfilling, entrepreneurship can be a lonely endeavor, but this is not the case for our students. Meet other professionals and healers who are committed to improving their own lives as they serve others, and build lasting friendships and colleague relationships with other like-minded people. 
Distinguish your practice with a unique certification
With the successful completion of your coursework, practice session requirements, and in-person intensives, you’ll have the skills and confidence that so many people who want to transform their lives are looking for. As a Grace Space Certified Hypnotherapist, you’ll have a competitive advantage over others who study hypnosis elsewhere. You’ll be well positioned to speak proudly and intelligently about what hypnosis is and why it works, and have the ability to make a real difference in people’s lives.
Help others while transforming your own life
Our training is designed to immerse you in the experience of hypnosis, both as a practitioner and as a recipient. Over the course of certification, you’ll receive dozens of sessions from other student practitioners, allowing you to experience profound transformation in the areas of your life you’ve always wanted to work on. You’ll discover the many ways in which your own subconscious can be a powerful source of transformation, release, and greatness, giving you an edge both in life and in your hypnotherapy business. The certification training will help you address any of your own underlying emotional, belief or mindset issues, as you become an ethical and effective practitioner. 
Build your business with expert training in marketing and growth 
A much-loved part of our training is our business-building mini-intensive. What good is a world class hypnotherapy certification if you’re unsure how to grow your business? You’ll learn the foundations of building a lucrative hypnotherapy practice, and how to use your certification in hypnotherapy to attract clients the right clients who are a great for you. Whether you’re just starting a business or you’ve been a coach or healer for years, this section is bound to inspire business growth and give you practical advice about finding and serving clients. 
Be a part of the new generation of healing professionals 
More and more people are looking to improve their lives with the help of coaches, healers, and other trusted professionals. Join the next wave of healing professionals helping people create lasting inner transformation first, paving the way for lives of caring, love, and contribution. 
the grace space hypnotherapy school difference
In-Depth Training in 
The Business of Growing a 
Hypnotherapy Practice
"not all hypnotherapy schools are equal"
Not all hypnotherapy courses are equal. In addition to a complete training in Hypnotherapy Education and MORE practice sessions than you’ll find anywhere else, Grace Space Hypnotherapy School will train you in the foundations of building a lucrative hypnotherapy business, from a top leader in the industry.

Grace Space has an audience of 30,000 each on Facebook and Instagram, 50,000 subscribers to our email mailing list, and 16,000 subscribers on Periscope. A popular speaker, she’s spoken at Buzzfeed, Proctor & Gamble, Ritz-Carlton, Verizon, appeared on CBS’s The Doctors and been featured in Glamour, Forbes, and Marie Claire.

What does this mean for you? Not all business mentors understand what it takes to be successful in the complimentary health field. And not all hypnotherapy courses provide relevant training in what you need to do to build your hypnotherapy business (the first certification course Grace took told her to “get business cards printed and then write ‘good for a free session’ on the back and give it to people”).

Pro tip: it takes more than business cards and free sessions to get clients. That’s why Grace Space Hypnotherapy School includes a business foundations mini-intensive, with proven, step-by-step advice about about where to find clients, marketing, how to receive referrals, how to use media and PR to spread the word about your work… and so much more!  

How it works
Get Certified in 3 Simple Steps
Built for your schedule, our convenient online learning coursework goes with you. Complete weekly coursework for 24 weeks, from the comfort of your own home. Access world-class training and get personal feedback and evaluations from founder Grace Smith, whether you’re raising kids, traveling, or have a full-time career.
Take your coursework even deeper at two in-person trainings -- beginner and advanced – as you earn certification. Choose from 4 trainings a year and with a 2 year window to attend both, attend when it works for you.
Stand out in a competitive marketplace, with your new skills and confidence -- and a certification approved by the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (a premier association for holistic practitioners) and the International Hypnosis Federation. 
Our Hypnotherapy Certification Education
Phase I - Beginner
  • Week 1 - Welcome & Orientation 
  • ​Week 2 - Laws of Suggestion 
  • ​Week 3 - Suggestibility Testing 
  • ​Week 4 - The Art of the Hypnotic Induction 
  • ​Week 5 - Dynamics of Trance 
  • ​Week 6 - Speak Ericksonian Review 
  • ​Week 7 - Intro to Effective Suggestions 
  • ​Week 8 - Preparing for your First Session 
  • ​Week 9 - Self-Hypnosis 
  • ​Week 10 - Deep Dive Review & Reframe 
  • ​Week 11 - Advanced Suggestions & Inductions 
  • ​Week 12 - Comparison of Full-Length Sessions 
Phase II - Advanced
  • ​Week 13 - Intro to Medical & Dental Hypnosis 
  • ​Week 14 - Gestalt Therapy, Parts Therapy & The Affect Bridge 
  • ​Week 15 - Summary of Advanced Techniques 
  • ​Week 16 - Scripts for Popular Topics 
  • ​Week 17 - Spiritual Hypnosis 
  • ​Week 18 - Building Your Business (Part 1) 
  • ​Week 19 - Building Your Business (Part 2) 
  • ​Week 20 - Practical Application 
  • ​ Week 21 - Practical Application 
  • ​ Week 22 - Practical Application 
  • ​Week 23 - Practical Application
  • ​Week 24 - Practical Application
  • In addition to completing the Online Coursework, you will attend 2 in-person  trainings (Beginner and Advanced) in order to become a Certified Hypnotherapist.
  • In-Person Trainings are offered quarterly in Vero Beach, Florida.
  • Trainings are scheduled from Friday through Sunday so that you only need to take one day off of work.
  • Choose One "Beginner Course" Date and One "Advanced Course" Date.
  • You have 2 full years from your enrollment date in order to attend both In-Person trainings and earn your Hypnotherapist certification.
Location: Vero Beach, FL
  • July 8-10, 2019
  • September 13-15, 2019
  • November 4-6, 2019
  • February 7-9, 2020
  • May 4-6, 2020
  • Aug 7-9, 2020
  • Nov 2-4, 2020
  • Feb 5-7, 2021
  • May 3-5, 2021
  • Aug 6-8, 2021
  • Nov 1-3, 2021
Location: Vero Beach, FL
  • September 9-11, 2019
  • November 8-10, 2019
  • February 3-5, 2020
  • May 8-10, 2020
  • August 3-5, 2020
  • November 6-8, 2020
  • February 1-3, 2021
  • May 7-9, 2021

Tuition and What Certification Includes
Tuition covers all coursework costs and materials, time spent at both in-person 3-day intensives with founder Grace Smith, and certification (upon successfully completing all online coursework, homework, practice sessions, and in-person weekends). It does not include accommodation, airfare or meals. 
We understand that financing an education is a commitment. That's why Grace Space Hypnotherapy School offers very flexible monthly payment options. Our financing is provided by TFC Tuition Financing.  

Grace Space Hypnotherapy School offers financing with monthly payments that work for student with interest rates as low as 9%! 
Financing is available to most students even if you don’t have great credit or a strong financial history. Our payment plans are managed by TFC Tuition Financing, yet please contact our school’s Admissions Office to discuss your smartest option.

To discuss our different financing options, please text the Admissions number at (772) 413-0615. 
hear what our students say...
"I chose Grace's hypnotherapy training course because I love her Grace Space recordings. I really appreciate her focus on personal freedom, and the way she makes the process of hypnotherapy easy to understand. Grace created such a positive, supportive environment. I really felt comfortable - And that's saying a lot for an introvert in a group of new people doing something I've never done before! 

Grace was able to draw out each student's strengths. I would absolutely recommend this course. I've found the opportunity to learn from Grace to be of amazing value. It really helped me to learn to trust my intuition. 

My favorite part of the course was getting to know all of the other students. It was such a great experience being able to learn from and support each other. I also loved the very powerful group hypnosis sessions led by Grace."
Beth from Ferndale, Michigan
"I had not flown in 10 years and I am from a small town compared to LA so I had to find the courage to go to LA since I was traveling by myself. I did not look at any other teachers. She was the only one. 

I had been following her on FB and she asked if anyone wanted to take a hypnotherapy course and I signed up. The value of this course is worth so much more than the investment. Hypnotherapy has helped me to overcome feelings of not being good enough and to gain confidence and courage to move forward in my life. 

Prior to hypnotherapy I would talk myself out of moving forward because I was fearful. 

This is an amazing experience and I think everyone should have the opportunity to experience hypnotherapy. It is life changing."
Lea from North Dakota
still have questions?

Read this FAQ, and if you still have questions
How many hours of study and practice do I need to complete before I am eligible for hypnotherapy certification both in the United States and internationally? 
220+ hours
Does Grace Space Hypnotherapy School satisfy the 220+ hours required by IACT and IHF to certify students?  
Heck yes. Our school is accredited by IACT and IHF and meets all requirements.
How many hours per week will the course work require?  
Approximately 4 hours between class and homework.
What is your refund policy?  
Due to our limited class size and the logistical planning involved in the live trainings, all sales are final. 
Last time you offered a non-certification track as well, is that still available? 
Nope! It’s certification or bust.
Do I need to attend two live trainings or can I just attend one?
To receive certification you’ll need to attend two in-person trainings, both the beginner level and the advanced level, but not necessarily both in one year. Believe me, after you attend the first in-person training you’ll wish we had mandatory monthly in-person meetings… spoiler alert: your classmates are amazing. 
What should I do if the next live training dates don’t work for me?
Keep in mind you have 2 years to complete the online coursework and both in-person trainings. If the upcoming dates don’t work for your schedule, you can always attend the trainings next year.
What are accommodations like during the live trainings?
Whatever you want them to be like! Most students choose to book their own Airbnb and some have chosen to split a hotel room with another student. We will help facilitate group lodging options for all those who are interested and will provide hotel suggestions for those who prefer to stay on their own.
Will any additional dates be added to the live training calendar? 
The next in-person beginner training is being held in Vero Beach, Florida on December 15, 16 & 17. From there, we’ll offer a training every quarter – we’ll tell you more about how this works after you enroll! 
Do I need any other degrees or licenses in order to practice hypnotherapy with clients? 
No! However, certain states do require that a practitioner be a licensed therapist in order to market oneself as a “hypnotherapist”. In these states hypnotherapists still have their certification number as a hypnotherapists but they market themselves as hypnotists or hypnocoaches. It does not change the work you can do, or how much you can charge, only what title you can put on your business card or website. We’ll cover which states have these policies in the advanced portion of the course so that everyone’s business cards and website use the correct marketing. I originally launched my hypnotherapy business in NYC/New Jersey and still had over 1,000 clients my first year in business marketing myself as a hypnotist / hypnocoach (I still can’t decide which I like better). The truth is, the public doesn’t know or care about these distinctions so long as you’re well trained and good at what you do; they just want help and you’ll be able to help them. 
Is it possible to complete the certification without traveling to Florida? 
Additional cities may be added in the future when there are enough students to warrant the cost of holding additional trainings in additional locations, however, for now attending the live trainings in Florida will be required to receive the full certification… so grab your sunblock and shades! 
Is there any type of insurance that a hypnotherapist must carry?
There are a few options you can purchase if you would like, however, it is not required at this time in order to be a practicing hypnotist or hypnotherapist. We’ll discuss these options in the Advanced portion of the course. 
Is there a state board test or license after certification?
No, hypnotherapy does not require a state board test or license after certification at this time. 
What kind of material will the training include?
Two digital workbooks, a binder provided at your live trainings, and access to the entire course material online for your two years of enrollment. 
Are there any other costs? 
- Travel and lodging fees associated with the live trainings. 
- Required reading for class. Most books are available on kindle. 
- Annual fees to maintain your certification with IACT and/or IHF. These are usually around $100/year and are paid directly to the associations, not to us.
- A Grace Space membership will be required for you to complete your Homework assignments (We have three levels, from our app that begins at a small cost of $11.11/mo, to group hypnosis with the Inner Circle at $47/mo, or private hypnosis sessions with Inner Circle Elite at $147/mo).
Will there be any follow-up after the training?
Yes, ongoing mentorship will be made available to those who complete their certification.
Will we have a way to communicate with other students in our class?
Yes! We have a wonderful private Facebook group where students ask questions, support on another, and pair up for practice sessions. 
Will you have a limited number of spots (first come first serve)?
Yes! Live trainings will have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 students. Be sure to save your seat early!
How long does it take to complete the course? 
That is up to you and when you would like to attend the live trainings. The course can be completed in as quickly as 24-weeks or you can take your time for up to two years. 
I’m not a coach, therapist or healer but I still think becoming a hypnotherapist could help me and my clients. Is this true?
Yes! While the majority of our students have existing businesses as yoga teachers, energy healers, life coaches or wellness gurus, we also have lawyers, account executives, full-time parents and stock brokers. Hypnotherapy is simply mediation with a goal. Do you have a goal? Do your clients? Does reaching that goal require an upgrade or change to any existing habits, beliefs or emotions? If so you’ll be needing to access the subconscious mind directly and what is the most effective way to do just that? Hypnotherapy! Hypnosis is for everyone and it is most certainly for you. 
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